999 Magazine Features Christopher Clark and Nutritional Grail


999 Magazine is a publication of the UAE Ministry of Interior. For their October 2014 edition, they looked at the Paleo Diet and how it’s helping people globally, and particularly in the UAE, where diabetes and obesity are skyrocketing. It was a great honor to be interviewed for the article as a leading Dubai-based expert on Paleo nutrition and cuisine. Here is a brief excerpt:

Dubai-based chef and nutrition researcher Chris Clark, who recently published a book titled Nutritional Grail, and advocates a paleo-esque lifestyle in his columns, which are regularly published by The Huffington Post, said that the prominence of Paleo eating and its predecessor, the Atkins diet, came as a result of the scientific community increasingly questioning traditional nutritional recommendations. ‘When I was young, it was all about going to the supermarket to find low-fat cookies and yogurt. But when you take the fat away from processed foods, you have to add sugar to make it taste good. So I grew up in this time when sugar was thought to be benign. Dietary cholesterol and fat were the demons. This is completely contrary to what the literature is showing now, and what it has been showing for the past 10 to 15 years,’ said Clark.